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What Can I Expect From A Treatment?

Your first appointment includes an initial consultation during which you are asked to complete a detailed medical and lifestyle questionnaire and we can discuss any conditions, symptoms or issues that you would like help with. After this, I'll ask you to remove your shoes and socks and help you to settle comfortably in a reclining therapy chair. Some clients feel unable to lie in a reclined position for various reasons (e.g. advanced pregnancy, vertigo, back pain, etc) but don't worry if this is an issue for you as we can adapt positioning and treatments comfortably according to your needs.

I'll then carry out a full investigatory session during which I use various specific techniques to apply pressure in a systematic way to your feet. This is not ticklish at all and treatments are usually deeply relaxing (some clients fall asleep!). Occasionally during the session, you might feel some tenderness in certain parts of your feet but this is a positive sign as it can be a guide to areas of the whole body that would benefit from more focused reflexology treatment which can include working on your feet, hands, ears or meridian (acupressure) points during subsequent appointments.

What To Expect. Hands

After this first session, you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and I'll then consult with you and advise a holistic treatment plan which is specific to you and tailored to your needs at each appointment. Following a treatment, most clients feel wonderfully relaxed and refreshed and experience a much better night's sleep than usual.

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