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What can I expect at my first treatment?

Your first clinical appointment includes an initial consultation during which I will ask you to complete a detailed confidential questionnaire about your current and past medical history and your lifestyle. This enables us to look at any conditions, symptoms or issues that you are experiencing and so that I can get a good picture of how I can help you. I'll explain what the session involves and you'll have plenty of time to ask me any questions that you may have before I ask you to sign the consent and data protection forms. Then, when you're ready, I'll ask you to remove your shoes and socks and will help you to settle comfortably in a reclining therapy chair. Some clients feel unable to lie in a reclined position for various reasons (e.g. advanced pregnancy, vertigo, back pain, etc) but don't worry if this is an issue for you as we can adapt positioning and treatments comfortably according to your needs. If your appointment is at home, you may prefer to sit on your own furniture instead.

The first treatment is a an exploratory session which begins with some focused breathing and a relaxation sequence after which I use various specific techniques to apply pressure in a systematic way to your feet. This is not ticklish at all and treatments are usually deeply relaxing (some clients fall asleep!). Occasionally during a treatment, you might feel some tenderness in certain parts of your feet or even sensations in other parts of your body. This is nothing to be concerned about as these are positive signs which indicate areas that we may focus on during your subsequent appointments. At the end of this first session, you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Reflexology works best with regular treatments so we'll discuss a treatment plan which is specifically tailored to your needs and which we can adapt at each session. Following a treatment, most clients feel wonderfully relaxed and refreshed and experience a much better night's sleep than usual.

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What happens next?

At the beginning of each subsequent appointment, we'll discuss your needs based on your progress and feedback and we will look at which techniques and approaches might work best for you. This could include working on your feet, hands, ears, meridians (energy channels) or a combination of any of these, depending on what will lead to the best response. The number of treatments you'll need and the timing of them will depend on how long you have been experiencing your symptoms or problems and how you respond after each session. Everybody is individual and responds in their own unique way so we will regularly discuss what works best for you and space your sessions accordingly

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